Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings In Lombard, IL 

If you recently have been told that you have a cavity, you might be wondering how it will be treated 

Luckily, if you have been keeping up with your 6 month cleanings, it is most likely the cavity was detected early and will be easy to treat . Having a cavity is no fun but a dental filling can restore the tooth after decay has been removed.

A dental filling uses special material to fill the spaces where decay has been removed to restore the tooth to its natural appearance and strength. 

Our practice does not place silver amalgam fillings, but rather composite tooth colored fillings

This is the same material used for some cosmetic reasons such as hiding a small discoloration, chip or gap between your teeth, in most cases a dental filling is used to treat a cavity.  The modern composite now matches the strength of what the old metal ones had.

Dental Fillings in Lombard, IL

How it works

This procedure begins by numbing the area with a numbing gel and then place local anesthesia so that there will not be any discomfort during your procedure. A dental drill is then used to remove the decay from the tooth. Once we have checked to make sure all decay has been removed then we will begin to rebuild the tooth with the dental filling material.

When we place composite resin filling, we will apply the moldable resin in layers. Each layer will then be hardened immediately using a special dental light. We will continue to apply layer after layer until the tooth is completely filled. Once the last layer is hardened we may still need to trim the filling before giving it a final polish.

Do you need to treat a cavity? 
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